The 10 daily routines of successful business people

The 10 daily routines of successful business people
The 10 daily routines of successful business people

Success and good habits frequently go hand in hand, particularly for business owners. That’s because successful people, like entrepreneurs, recognise the value of being deliberate in all of their actions and making the most of each day.

How did you become so successful is a question that people frequently ask entrepreneurs. Many people will tell you that concentrating on tiny alterations to your company each day can produce significant effects. It’s the same with developing habits; modest, dependable routines can alter your life.

Consistent repetition of the behaviour is a necessary component of habit formation, but it’s not always simple to get into the habit. While certain habits may take a person a few weeks to acquire, research suggests that it may take up to 66 days for some routines to become automatic. 1 As an entrepreneur, you can find this scary, but developing daily, intentional routines can help you deal with unforeseen business obstacles.

We surveyed approximately 150 business owners from a range of industries to learn more about their success habits in both work and personal life. Discover our top 10 daily habits of successful entrepreneurs by reading on or moving straight to our infographic.

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#1 They read

Making time to read a book may be the last item on your to-do list because running a business might be demanding. You may, though, if Warren Buffet can devote 80% of each day to reading! According to his idea, reading enables information to accumulate just like compound interest.

Reading books is a great approach to inspire creativity and gain knowledge on the market for your company. Reading before bed also enables you to relax after a long day and can hasten your sleep.

They read
They read

The CEO of CorporateFilming, Trevor Rappleye, pledges to get ready every morning. He revealed :-

“30 minutes of reading are what I do first thing every morning. The worst thing an entrepreneur can do is to access their email right away, thus it enables me to start the day feeling rejuvenated. Avoid doing it!”

#2 They follow a daily schedule

You can work more productively throughout the day if you establish and follow a schedule. How come that? Setting daily goals and repeating chores as part of routines will assist your brain and body get ready for the future and encourage peak performance.

Additionally, routines have been demonstrated to enhance critical facets of your health, like stress levels and sleep.

Maulik Patel, the founder and CEO of Click Matix, is a firm believer in routines and thinks that developing this habit is the key to being a prosperous businessperson.

They follow a daily schedule
They follow a daily schedule

“Establishing a regimen has increased my productivity more than anything. I perform the same duties each morning and evening. I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, meditate, do bodyweight exercises, and then I eat breakfast. I have a distinct nightly routine that includes journaling, taking care of myself, and making plans for the following day.

It keeps me reliable because of this. The most successful businesspeople have daily, weekly, and monthly routines that are based on maintaining their own equilibrium, productivity, and happiness. Since running a business is difficult, developing reliable habits will help you regulate your life.”

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#3 They enjoy listening to upbeat music

Everybody has a song that always makes us feel better. Now picture watching your favourite, uplifting cartoons to start each day. Test it out! Music has the power to increase productivity and reduce the monotony of difficult jobs. According to research, music can lessen stress by reducing the body’s level of the stress hormone cortisol.

According to Michelle Devani, the company’s founder, making the most of each day begins with establishing a happy attitude in the morning.

“I always try to make the most of every workday because I’m a founder and have a lot of duties. My everyday rituals, especially my morning routine, aid me in accomplishing this. I find that listening to upbeat music in the morning helps me feel better and maintain that feeling throughout the day.”

#4 They plan tomorrow, today

Successful businesspeople are always prepared for the day ahead. You’ll be more at ease, assured, and productive the better prepared you are. Successful businesspeople plan for tomorrow today rather than reviewing their day first thing in the morning.

Making it a routine to organise your to-do list, goals, timetable, meals, and even your outfits for the following day will help you start each morning with a strategy and be prepared to rule the day.

They plan tomorrow, today
They plan tomorrow, today

The Dog Adventure’s owner is Peter Schoeman. He said that successful entrepreneurs have a crucial routine of planning ahead and making sure they are ready for whatever comes next.

“Planning for tomorrow TODAY is a daily habit that has helped me increase my productivity. I prepare a list of my upcoming tasks and schedule several appointments, meetings, and other events as part of my evening routine. This enables me to prepare for tomorrow while I’m awake and attentive by packing my luggage, defrosting my meals, and generally getting ready. So I won’t have to worry about it when I wake up feeling lightheaded and exhausted. Try it tonight; you’ll discover that it takes far less time than you anticipated, that it helps you catch things you may have missed, and that it gives you some comprehension of tomorrow that you didn’t have before.”

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#5 They meditate

Entrepreneurs need to be able to think quickly and make important decisions on the fly, that much is obvious. By practising mindfulness, you can sharpen your attention and gain clarity, which will help you make better decisions. According to studies, even brief mindfulness practises have a significant positive impact on executive function, memory, and visual-spatial processing.

Successful businesspeople frequently meditate, and Darryl Higgins, the creator of Athlete Desk, is one of them. He advises practising meditation to help you unwind while maintaining your attention on the task at hand.


“I must multitask and manage my business to keep it operating as an entrepreneur. To keep my mind calm and focused so I can better complete my chores, I meditate every morning before I start my day.

Additionally, meditation enhances sleep and energy levels, which is crucial for business owners who lead fast-paced lifestyles and depend on maximum productivity. Here is a brief introduction to meditation for those of you who are new to it.”

#6 They work out in the morning

Exercise, as we all know, improves physical health, but getting moving in the morning can also increase your creativity, memory, and overall cognitive abilities. According to numerous studies, persons who exercise regularly have larger thinking and memory-controlling brain regions than those who don’t.

They work out in the morning
They work out in the morning

Many business owners incorporate this into their daily routines to feel energised, upbeat, and prepared to face the day. If your schedule prevents you from going to the gym in the morning, think about taking a 15-minute stroll before your morning coffee or working desk exercises into your workday.

“The very first thing I do in the morning is work out. Usually, that involves going for at least an hour long walk outside or on a treadmill. My family, team, and I all understand that that time is sacred and necessary for my physical and mental well. In fact, my executive assistant is aware that she should only schedule urgent or client-related early morning appointments. My stroll is incredibly beneficial since it not only gets me out of the house and energised for the day, but it also is when I receive my finest ideas.”

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#7 They stay current

There are numerous variables that can affect how well a firm performs and grows. You can keep up with world events and market developments by reading the daily news and industry trends. In turn, you’ll be able to make better and more informed decisions on behalf of your own firm.

The founder and CEO of Caspian Agency, Heather Mason, starts her day by reading up on recent and pertinent news.

“I read the trade magazines for my industry every morning. You need to be up to date on everything that is going on in your industry, and doing this first thing in the morning sparks your creativity for the rest of the day. Then, to get a sense of what’s going on in the world more broadly, I check Twitter, the New York Times, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal. Gaining a secondary viewpoint and understanding the market forces affecting our sectors are crucial.”

#8 They schedule time to disconnect

The typical person uses their phone’s internet for at least three and a half hours every day. Entrepreneurs probably spend more time in front of screens. Unfortunately, evidence indicates that your risk of developing depression increases the more time you spend online or on social media.

To reconnect with your thoughts and the world around you, it’s a good idea to switch off from your phone or laptop for a few hours each day. Spending time away from screens and alone with your thoughts can help you become more creative and be better able to handle stress.

schedule time to disconnect
schedule time to disconnect

“Entrepreneurs don’t even understand how simple it is to become overwhelmed, and if they are too worn out, it is simple for them to make mistakes that could endanger the entire company. I’ve developed a practise that enables me to swiftly reflect and detach from any work-related thoughts in order to prevent such situations.

I enjoy turning off everything for an hour every day. I must spend a lot of time in front of a screen at work, and I frequently feel exhausted at the end of the day. Going entirely offline and spending time with my family and friends is one way I unwind. With the exception of one phone number that is reserved for a friend, I attempt to turn off every device I own.”

#9 They Journal

Writing in a journal is a wonderful method to cultivate gratitude, manage stress, and enhance your mental well-being. Writing down ideas can be a huge assistance for entrepreneurs in terms of decision-making and creativity. To assist motivate oneself, you can also jot down goals, ideas for brainstorming sessions, or to-do lists.

Writing can also help you briefly detach from your surroundings and release feelings brought on by stress during the day. Highly effective businesspeople understand the significance of writing because it keeps them focused on the greater vision rather than minor irritations or stresses.

Co-founder of HappinessWithout Valentina Lopez credits journaling for her productivity and daily business success.

“Being a business owner has taught me to concentrate more on what counts, such as my personal and professional goals, and I’ve discovered that social media can be a significant distraction from them. So I turn to journaling instead of simply scrolling online. Every day for 15 to 30 minutes, I write down everything on my thoughts, including ideas, plans, future objectives, bad habits I want to change, and everything in between.”

#10 They pace themselves

Last but not least, successful businesspeople develop the capacity to efficiently manage their time throughout the day. Effective and efficient businesspeople are time managers, as opposed to stressed-out and overworked ones. In the end, your capacity to reach long-term objectives is greatly influenced by how you manage your time and go about completing daily and weekly chores.

High-performing business owners develop the daily practise of completing more difficult or important tasks first and smaller ones afterwards.

The CEO of Thimble, Jay Bregman, promotes the practise of pace-making. Even if everything seems to be going apart, developing this simple habit will help you achieve your goals and maintain your composure while doing so (enter COVID-19 pandemic).

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“Take it slowly. Every week contains 168 hours. Make the best use of them. This does not include carrying out all tasks. It simply entails aggressively nailing the proper tasks.

If you’re a new business owner, implementing these daily routines will greatly help you achieve both your professional and personal objectives. Making a habit out of a useful daily action can increase productivity, help you reach your goals, and help you deal better with stress – all important qualities for someone who leads an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Commit to making little adjustments every day to guarantee that your firm is constructed to last; you might be surprised at what you can accomplish. Of course, we also advise you to protect your company with general liability insurance. It gives you comfort and enables you to continue concentrating on growing your company.

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