Rishab Pant News Update: Due to a possible infection in the ICU unit, Rishabh Pant was moved to a private suite.

Rishabh Pant, the wicketkeeper-batsman for Team India, was moved to a private suite on January 2 as he continues to rehabilitate from a terrible vehicle accident at the Max Hospital in Dehradun. The cricketer is reportedly in stable health, and the switch was made primarily out of prudence in an effort to prevent infection from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) unit.

Rishabh Pant
Rishabh Pant

Both Pant’s family and the hospital’s medical staff have frequently voiced their displeasure with the numerous visitation.

After hearing about the accident, a number of individuals travelled to the hospital. However, given that the cricketer is now dealing with many injuries, their presence can make it harder for him to heal.

Shyam Sharma, director of the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA), confirmed to ANI on January 2 that the player had been moved to a private suite with the family’s consent:

“Due to concerns about infection, he has been moved to a private suite and is doing well. We have instructed his family and the hospital staff to move him to a private suite out of concern about infection. He is doing well and is on the road to recovery.”

In the wee hours of December 30, the wicketkeeper was the victim of a horrific vehicle accident. Before the villagers could come to his aid, the player was able to flee from the fire that was started when his car collided with a partition.

According to reports, Max Hospital will treat his external wounds, which include numerous lacerations and abrasions. The BCCI will take control of the patient’s care after the initial phase of therapy, with the goal of sending the cricketer to Mumbai or even abroad to have the ligament ruptures in his knee treated.

DDCA Director Shyam Sharma said, “Those who are going to meet Pant should avoid.”

People entering the hospital with strange objects could be damaging to the patient, who is currently in a pretty vulnerable condition.

Director of the DDCA Shyam Sharma said that individuals shouldn’t attempt to see the cricketer in the hospital:

“Avoid meeting Pant since there is a danger of contracting an infection. Since there is a danger that Pant could become ill, there should be no VIP movement to meet him, and visitors should stay away from him.”

Additionally, he asserted that Pant was attempting to avoid a pothole when the accident happened. This disproves allegations that the player was intoxicated or dozing off while operating the vehicle. He went on:

“He is stable and recovering well. Our BCCI doctors are in touch with the doctors here. Jay Shah is monitoring it. As of now, he’ll remain admitted here. He told me that he tried to save (his car) from a pothole (when the accident occurred).”

The cricketer from Delhi is anticipated to need a sizable amount of time to return to the pitch. He will be absent for the entire home season and the 2023 season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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