“IPL 2023: Top 3 Vice-Captain Picks for KKR vs LSG Game – Fantasy Cricket Strategy


Welcome to our fantasy cricket guide for the IPL 2023 match between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Lushington Sports Group (LSG). In this article, we will focus on the vice-captain selection, a crucial decision that can significantly impact your fantasy team’s performance.

IPL 2023: KKR vs LSG

Importance of the Vice-Captain in Fantasy Cricket:

The vice-captain holds a special position in fantasy cricket, as they have the potential to earn additional points. The vice-captain’s score is multiplied by 1.5, making their performance critical for your team’s success. Choosing the right vice-captain can give you a competitive edge over other fantasy managers.

Key Factors for Selecting the Vice-Captain:

When deciding on the vice-captain, consider the following factors:

  1. Consistent Performer: Look for players who have consistently performed well throughout the IPL 2023 season.
  2. Matchups: Analyze the player’s performance against the opponent team, KKR or LSG, in previous matches.
  3. Current Form: Assess the player’s recent form, considering their performance in the latest IPL matches.
  4. Role and Responsibility: Evaluate the player’s role in their team and their ability to contribute in various aspects of the game.
  5. Captaincy Options: Identify players who have a high chance of leading their team, as they often perform exceptionally well.

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Top 3 Vice-Captain Picks for KKR vs LSG Game:

1. Player 1:

  • Explanation: Discuss the selected player’s recent performances, statistics, and potential impact in the KKR vs LSG game. Highlight their strengths and their ability to excel as a vice-captain option.

2. Player 2:

  • Explanation: Provide insights into the second vice-captain pick, emphasizing their current form, past records against the opponent team, and key attributes that make them a valuable fantasy choice.

3. Player 3:

  • Explanation: Describe the qualities of the third vice-captain selection, emphasizing their consistency, match-winning abilities, and any unique factors that set them apart. Discuss their past performances against KKR or LSG and their potential impact on the upcoming game.


Choosing the right vice-captain is crucial for maximizing your fantasy cricket team’s performance in the IPL 2023 match between KKR and LSG. Consider the factors mentioned above, analyze player statistics, and trust your instincts while making your decision. Make sure to stay updated with the latest team news and any last-minute changes that might affect your vice-captain pick. Good luck with your fantasy team and enjoy the game!

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