Government approves establishment of IAF officer’s weapon system branch: V. R. Chaudhari, Air Chief Marshal

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IAF officer’s weapon system

In order to save the Indian Air Force Rs 3,400 crore in pilot training costs, Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari reported on Saturday that the central government had approved the creation of a weapon system branch for its personnel. He revealed that the IAF will begin inducting female agnivesters the next year.

In his lecture at the air force station here in recognition of the IAF’s 90th anniversary, Chaudhari claimed that having “flexible, robust, and redundant command and control systems” is the key to success in multi domain operations and will enable a joint force to dominate across domains.

One service cannot win a war on its own. He claimed that initiatives were being taken to “enhance jointness” among the three services. For IAF soldiers, a new battle uniform style was developed during the time.

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Development of a weapon system branch :-

In reference to the development of a weapon system branch, he claimed that this is the first time since Independence that a new operational branch is being created. He claims that the new branch will primarily appoint operators for the specialised streams for surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, remotely piloted aircraft, and twin- and multi-crew aircraft.

He asserted that building this branch would result in savings of more than Rs 3,400 crore due to lower costs for flying instruction.

Development of a weapon system branch
Development of a weapon system branch

Chaudhari examined a ceremonial march that was held at the neighbourhood air force station on Saturday morning to mark the IAF jubilee. There was a march-past after that.

The Ensign Formation from 3 Mi-17V5, led by Wing Commander Vishal Jain, flew by as the IAF chief arrived. There were veterans, Air Marshal Sreekumar Prabhakaran, Western Air Command, senior commanders from the three services, and representatives from the Ministry of Defence present.

Artificial Intelligence is being used to make decisions more quickly :-

The emergence of drones, swarm drones, hypersonic missiles, and space-based ISR systems, according to the IAF chief, has given battle a completely new dimension. Artificial intelligence is being used to make decisions more quickly and analyse vast amounts of data to effectively handle the whole range.

I’m happy to report that several initiatives are presently being worked on to utilise the potential of automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to transform our operating philosophy.

Artificial Intelligence is being used to make decisions more quickly
Artificial Intelligence is being used to make decisions more quickly

Later on in the day, at the Sukhna Lake complex, President Droupadi Murmu and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will witness an Air Force Day fly-past. There will be about 80 military aircraft and helicopters present.

The Agnipath scheme’s induction of airmen into the IAF, in Chaudhari’s opinion, is both a challenge and an opportunity to make use of the talent of India’s youth for the sake of the nation. He also mentioned that the IAF will begin training 3,000 “Agniveer Vayu” in December.

Agniveer has the skills and knowledge in the Air Force :-

In order to ensure that every Agniveer has the skills and knowledge necessary to begin their career in the Air Force, he stated, “We have overhauled our operational training strategy. This number will only rise in the upcoming years to provide adequate staffing, he continued.

The IAF has reportedly had its fair share of challenges over the past year and has overcome them “head on and with all guns blazing,” according to Chadhari.

The IAF chief said that his organisation has completed a variety of responsibilities, including ongoing deployment along our borders, disaster relief efforts, and the rescue of stranded Indians from combat zones.

Agniveer has the skills and knowledge in the Air Force
Agniveer has the skills and knowledge in the Air Force

He claims that the traditional domains of land, sea, and air have merged with space and cyberspace to create a continuous continuity of hybrid warfare. Given these facts, he argued, “yesterday’s mindset” cannot be applied to settle disputes in the present.

As a result, contemporary, flexible, and adaptive technology must be incorporated into conventional systems and weapons, “Chaudhari remarked.

IAF: Transforming for the Future, he said :-

He noted that the celebration’s theme, IAF: Transforming for the Future, emphasises the IAF’s need to change in order to transform into a contemporary, forward-looking force.

Chaudhari said that the IAF’s fighting potential must be maintained over time with the introduction of next generation fighters, AWACS (air-borne early warning control system), AEW&C, and fly refuelling aircraft.

In order to ensure that the strength of our fighter squadron stays at the desired level, we have begun making the necessary measures, he said. He claimed that we are actively looking to acquire ISTAR, UAVs, Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems technologies, and to upgrade our networks. Six AEW&C Mk-IIs for indigenous development have been given the go-ahead.

IAF: Transforming for the Future, he said
IAF: Transforming for the Future, he said

“Make in India” is a positive development, in his opinion. He claimed that the locally developed AFNET (communication network setup), IACCS, and e-MMS are proof of the IAF’s commitment to being self-sufficient. The LCA, ALH, Akash surface-to-air missile, Astra BVR, LCH, and Brahmos are a few instances of indigenous technology that has already been incorporated into and employed by the force, according to him.

We have a contract in place for 83 LCA Mk 1As, according to the IAF chief, and we are fully committed to the development of the LCA Mk-II and the AMCA (advanced medium combat aircraft).

Air Force Day parade and fly-past outside of the Delhi-NCR :-

For the first time, the IAF has chosen to hold its yearly Air Force Day parade and fly-past outside of the Delhi-NCR. The IAF commander stated, “In a break with tradition, we have chosen to organise the AF Day parade in Chandigarh this year and in various sites throughout the country moving forward.”

Air force day parade
Air force day parade

He said that our culture is strong because of “the pure hard labour, tenacity, and vision of our predecessors.” “It will only be proper to honour the efforts of our warriors who have planned this course, and now it is on us to lead the Air Force into the centennial decade,” Chaudhari said as he paid respect to IAF heroes.

He stated that in order to maintain the integrity and sovereignty of our nation, “we owe it to our future generations to revitalise our allegiance to the Constitution of India now.”.

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