10 Ways to Boost Your Communication Skills

10 Ways to Boost Your Communication Skills
10 Ways to Boost Your Communication Skills

Employability Skills 2000+, a list of the essential skills that individuals need to succeed in the workplace, was created years ago by The Conference Board of Canada, an independent, not-for-profit applied research organisation. The most important foundational skill for success in the workplace is communication.

After 15 years, communication is getting more informal, even when more official means of communication are required, thanks to the growth of social media networking and texting. This implies that individuals from the younger generation might not be aware of or even comprehend the significance of strong communication skills in the workplace.

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There are some actions you can do to hone your communication abilities:

#1 Listen carefully and repeatedly :

People desire a sense of being heard. Instead of preparing your reply, pay attention to what the other person is saying. To prevent misconceptions, request clarification. The individual who is speaking to you right now ought to be your top priority.

#1 Listen carefully and repeatedly :
#1 Listen carefully and repeatedly :

The idea of only having one discussion at a time is crucial. This means that you shouldn’t reply to an email or send a text message while on the phone with someone. The other person will understand that she is not the centre of your attention.

#2 It matters who you are speaking with :

When speaking with a friend, it’s acceptable to use acronyms and colloquial language, but if you’re emailing or messaging your boss, you shouldn’t use phrases like “Hey,” “TTYL,” or any other such expression. You can’t just assume that someone else understands what the acronym signifies.

It matters who you are speaking with
It matters who you are speaking with

Do you want to be misunderstood by using an abbreviation that may imply something different to various people? Try to keep the other person in mind when trying to convey your message since effective communicators tailor their message to the audience they are speaking to.

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#3 Body language is important :

#3 Body language is important :
#3 Body language is important :

This is crucial for in-person meetings and video conferences. Have open body language to give the impression that you are approachable. You shouldn’t cross your arms in response, so. Additionally, maintain eye contact to let the other person know you are paying attention.

#4 Check your message before you hit send :

Although they can save your life, spell and grammar checkers are not perfect. Verify again what you’ve written to be sure the message you’re trying to convey is being conveyed.

#5 Be brief, yet specific :

To ensure that the other person understands what you are trying to convey, practise being succinct but specific in both written and vocal communication. Additionally, if you are replying to an email, make sure to read it in its entirety before writing your reply. You’ll eventually get the ability to speak concisely and avoid rambling.

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#6 Notes should be made :

Don’t rely on your memory during conversations with others or meetings; instead, take notes. Make sure you comprehend what was said during the chat by sending a follow-up email.

#7 Sometimes it’s better to pick up the phone :

If you discover that you have a lot to say, phone the person rather than sending an email. Although email is fantastic, there are instances when verbal communication is more effective.

#8 Think before you speak :

Think before you speak
Think before you speak

Never talk without pausing, and never utter the first thing that comes to mind. Spend a moment being mindful of what you say and how you say it. You can prevent embarrassing situations by developing this one behaviour.

#9 Be fair to everyone :

Never belittle anyone; always be respectful to others. Treat everyone equally.

#10 Keep a cheerful outlook and smile:

Smiling will show that you are happy and upbeat, and the other person will notice it even when you are talking on the phone. People will respond well to you when you frequently smile and project optimism.

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